Treatments - Facial Aesthetics

Dr Davies has been trained to carry out facial aesthetic treatments by Professor Bob Khanna at his world renowned training institute in Berkshire.

His training format , style and methods used are now a benchmark for other courses and for indemnity providers. Full indemnity for these procedures is held with Hamilton Fraser who are experts in this field.

We believe Dental Surgeons are probably the best placed healthcare professionals to carry out facial aesthetics. This is because they already possess an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and how it should harmonise with teeth and smiles. They often have many years experience in developing the skill, necessary to deliver painless injections , in very a sensitive area of the body. They already have the type of facilities from which Facial Aesthetics should be delivered, in that, flawless infection control measures, emergency protocols etc are already in place  and adhered to.

Here at Whitehall we provide a comprehensive range of Facial Aesthetic treatments including:

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